2010 Copper Football League
Awards and All-Stars

Owner of the Year: Bryan O'Connell - East Valley Mustangs
Coach of the Year: John Polchin - Phoenix Outlaws
Most Valuable Player: Tommy Ziegler - Glendale Bulldogs
Offensive Player of the Year: Laz Avila - Glendale Rangers
Defensive Player of the Year: Ronnie Tate - Glendale Bulldogs
Special Teams Player of the Year: Wayne McGriff - Phoenix Outlaws
Comeback Player of the Year: Teron Clay - Globe-Miami Sting
Offensive All-Stars
Tommy Ziegler - Glendale Bulldogs
George Preciado - Peoria Patriots
Brad Dement - Arizona Thunder
Keith Poole - East Valley Mustangs

Wide Receivers
Justin Thyme - Glendale Bulldogs
Kentrell Williams - East Valley Mustangs
Ben Ball - Glendale Bulldogs
Felipe Ramos - Glendale Rangers
Sean Simmons - Arizona Thunder
George Reveling - Peoria Patriots
CJ Venezia - Phoenix Outlaws
Justin Shelley - Glendale Bulldogs
Ben Tanner - Peoria Patriots

Running Backs
Robert Gray - Globe-Miami Sting
Myron McGruder - Glendale Bulldogs
Rashad Armstrong - Arizona Thunder
Mike Scott - East Valley Mustangs
Andrew Follins - Phoenix Outlaws
Dominique Morning - Peoria Patriots

Laz Avila - Glendale Rangers
Curtis Jensen - East Valley Mustangs
Fransisco Garcia - Phoenix Outlaws
Shannon Norman - Peoria Patriots

Tight Ends
Mike Cvelbar - Phoenix Outlaws
Mike Walker - Glendale Bulldogs
Jeff Jones - Arizona Thunder
Danny Jaramillo - Peoria Patriots

Offensive Line - Tackles
Brandon Hawkes - Globe-Miami Sting
Sean Sholola - Glendale Bulldogs
Jacob Jenkins - Glendale Bulldogs
Larry Brady - East Valley Mustangs
Jason Kenny - Phoenix Outlaws
Donnie Meador - Peoria Patriots

Offensive Line - Guards
Steve Gomez - Globe-Miami Sting
Chris Latoree - Glendale Bulldogs
Hector Cortez - Glendale Bulldogs
Leroy Gordon - East Valley Mustangs
Aarmon Rhymes - Phoenix Outlaws
Jeremy Tolliver - Phoenix Outlaws

Offensive Line - Centers
Rollie Valencia - Phoenix Outlaws
Tasi Chambers - Glendale Bulldogs
Dan Mascorro - East Valley Mustangs
Mark Luna - Globe-Miami Sting
Defensive All-Stars
Defensive Ends
Gerald Johnson - Glendale Bulldogs
Ronnie Tate - Glendale Bulldogs
Otis Frazier - Phoenix Outlaws
Mike Talbot - Glendale Rangers
Dwayne Lefall - Arizona Thunder
Will Johnson - Globe-Miami Sting
Keith Drunansky - Glendale Rangers

Defensive Tackles
Kyle Caldwell - Glendale Bulldogs
Larry Davis - Phoenix Outlaws
Nick Tongaviha - Arizona Thunder
Clifford Mann - Glendale Bulldogs
Myron Blueford - East Valley Mustangs
Edward James - Globe-Miami Sting
Michael Jajou - Phoenix Outlaws

Middle Linebackers
Robert Joyce - Peoria Patriots
Sheldon King - Globe-Miami Sting
Anthony Robinson - Glendale Bulldogs
Steve Seely - Phoenix Outlaws

Outside Linebackers
Kameron Scroggins - Glendale Bulldogs
Ryan Colbert - East Valley Mustangs
Kenny Ware - Arizona Thunder
Leland Hester - Glendale Bulldogs
Ramel Macintosh - Peoria Patriots
Will Horace - Glendale Bulldogs
Damien Baca - Northern Arizona Coyotes
Koa Kalama - East Valley Mustangs
Mike Stevenson - Globe-Miami Sting

Strong Safeties
Wayne McGriff - Phoenix Outlaws
Ian Gardner - Globe-Miami Sting
Lee Patterson - Glendale Bulldogs
Chris Vaughn - Peoria Patriots

Free Safeties
Greg Cole - East Valley Mustangs
Kyle Hoffman - Glendale Bulldogs
Ruben Gammage - Arizona Thunder
Rodney Wesley - Glendale Rangers/Peoria Patriots

Lamont Reed Jr. - Glendale Bulldogs
Cornelius Lamb - Phoenix Outlaws
Yancy Satterwhite - Arizona Thunder
Alex Fernandez - Glendale Bulldogs
Kentrell Williams - East Valley Mustangs
Willie Rogers - East Valley Mustangs
Matt Malleo - Phoenix Outlaws
Calvin Johnson - Peoria Patriots
Roderick Thomas - Glendale Rangers
Special Teams All-Stars
Greg Gunderson - Glendale Bulldogs
Berislav Zbosinek - Arizona Thunder
Johnny Chavez - Phoenix Outlaws

Luke Truty - East Valley Mustangs
Phil Insalaco - Phoenix Outlaws
Kraig Carmickle - Northern Arizona Coyotes

Wayne McGriff - Phoenix Outlaws
Demetrius Stewart - Arizona Thunder
Lamont Reed Jr. - Glendale Bulldogs
Kentrell Williams - East Valley Mustangs

J.J. Polchin - Phoenix Outlaws
Jacob Reid - East Valley Mustangs
Jesse Kinion - Glendale Bulldogs

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