2006 Empire Football League

    Northern Division  					Southern Division
Offensive Rookie of the Year
    Jason Young, Vermont Ice Storm			Louis Verdetto, Scranton Eagles

Defensive Rookie of the Year
    Del Randall, Vermont Ice Storm    			Wayne Stackhouse, Tri-State Bulldogs

Ironman of the Year
    Andrew Blevins, Chateauguay Titans			Jarod Brown, Amsterdam Zephyrs

Offensive MVP
    Brad Ruderman, Vermont Ice Storm			Sylvester Cooperwood, Albany Metro Mallers
							Scott Lawson, Albany Metro Mallers

Defensive MVP
 Mike Dumaw, Watertown Red & Black			George Romiti, Scranton Eagles

Coach of the YEAR
 George Ashcraft, Watertown Red & Black			Dom Ruggeri, Amsterdam Zephyrs
 Doug Perez, Vermont Ice Storm
    Northern Division  					Southern Division
TE  Trevor St. Clair, Lake City Stars			Johathan Bechy, Broome County Dragons
WR  Troy Canada, Vermont Ice Storm			Culture Branch, Albany Metro Mallers
WR  Lester Cole, Watertown Red & Black			George Graham, Broome County Dragons
WR  Joe Hutchinson, St Lawrence Valley Trailblazers	Collis Martin, Tri-State Bulldogs
WR  Austain Partain, Vermont Ice Storm			John Mulinio, Albany Metro Mallers
OG  Mark Bowman, Watertown Red & Black			John Edwards, Tri-State Bulldogs
OG  Nick Moore, Lake City Stars				Jay Garvey, Amsterdam Zephyrs
							David Rushford, Albany Metro Mallers
OT  Aaron Brown, Watertown Red & Black			Carmen Daniele, Albany Metro Mallers
OT  Nate Furlong, Vermont Ice Storm			Dante Simpson, Tri-State Bulldogs
							Bob Van Hoeson, Amsterdam Zephyrs
							Wayman Walker, Albany Metro Mallers
C   Jeff Miller, Chateauguay Titans			Andrez Morris, Albany Metro Mallers
C   Jeff Miller, Vermont Ice Storm
FB  Aaron Pyer, Vermont Ice Storm			Raheem Ridley, Tri-State Bulldogs
RB  James Compeau, St Lawrence Valley Trailblazers	Jared Brown, Amsterdam Zephyrs
RB  Shawn Harkes, Ottawa Deacon Demons			Sylvester Cooperwood, Albany Metro Mallers
RB  Brandon Keleher, Lake City Stars			Andre McCloud, Tri-State Bulldogs
RB  Anthony Noel, Watertown Red & Black
QB  Brad Ruderman, Vermont Ice Storm			Scott Lawson, Albany Metro Mallers
    Northern Division  					Southern Division
NT  Craig Hodge, Ottawa Deacon Demons			Lawan Cancer, Albany Metro Mallers
DT  Craig Hodge, Ottawa Deacon Demons			Anthony DeChiaro, Albany Metro Mallers
DT  Don Tambini, Lake City Stars			Ahmeel Kirton, Broome County Dragons
DT  Lloyd White, Vermont Ice Storm			Aaron Robinson, Amsterdam Zephyrs
DT  Duane Woodall, Watertown Red & Black		Michael Rozzi, Tri-State Bulldogs
DE  Norm Martel, St Lawrence Valley Trailblazers	Kevin Bembry, Tri-State Bulldogs
DE  Ben Pritchard, Watertown Red & Black		Terry Cumberbatch, Albany Metro Mallers
DE  Del Randall, Vermont Ice Storm			Brian Domingo, Albany Metro Mallers
DE  Dan Robl, Watertown Red & Black			Rick Hulett, Amsterdam Zephyrs
							Pasquale Iacono, Broome County Dragons
							Alex McKinsey, Amsterdam Zephyrs
							Wayne Stackhouse, Tri-State Bulldogs
LB  Andrew Blevings, Chateauguay Titans			Terrell Baity, Tri-State Bulldogs
LB  Shane Cheeseman, Lake City Stars			Bobby Fisher, Tri-State Bulldogs
LB  Chris Coppins, Vermont Ice Storm			Alvin “Putt” Foy, Albany Metro Mallers
LB  Cheyenne Dashnaw, St Lawrence Valley Trailblazers	Brandon Franklin, Broome County Dragons
LB  Rick Delaney, St Lawrence Valley Trailblazers	Jamie Hoover, Broome County Dragons
LB  Mike Dumaw, Watertown Red & Black			Eric Montalvo, Broome County Dragons
LB  Kevin Fournier, Vermont Ice Storm			Mike Philo, Amsterdam Zephyrs
LB  Corvell Isaacs, Chateauguay Titans			Jorge Rodriquez, Amsterdam Zephyrs
LB  Mike Lawyer, Lake City Stars			George Romiti, Scranton Eagles
LB  James Moore, St Lawrence Valley Trailblazers	Greg Woodward, Albany Metro Mallers
LB  Kyle Roshia, Watertown Red & Black
DB  Jean LeRouge, Chateauguay Titans			Farid Baaklini, Albany Metro Mallers
DB  Earl Parks, Lake City Stars				Maurice Nash, Tri-State Bulldogs
DB  Filippo Flocco, Ottawa Deacon Demons		Kenyatta Jefferson, Tri-State Bulldogs
DB  Peter Kassotis, Ottawa Deacon Demons		Jeff Turman, Albany Metro Mallers
DB  Drew Gordon, Vermont Ice Storm			Jeremy Kingsman, Broome County Dragons
DB  Brian Williams, Watertown Red & Black		Cory Champi, Scranton Eagles
DB  Greg Roberson, St Lawrence Valley Trailblazers	Tony Shaw, Tri-State Bulldogs
DB  Steve Crompton, Chateauguay Titans			Maurice “Mo” James, Albany Metro Mallers
DB  Keith Jones, Watertown Red & Black			Rich Johnson, Amsterdam Zephyrs
DB  Anthony Okonji, Watertown Red & Black		Mark Holmes, Amsterdam Zephyrs
Special Teams
    Northern Division  					Southern Division
P   Gus Terry, Lake City Stars				Evan DeGeorgio, Amsterdam Zephyrs
							Victor Ebert, Tri-State Bulldogs
K   Leo Grant, Watertown Red & Black			Steve Andriola
RS  Heith Geiser, Lake City Stars			Sam Ragsdale, Broome County Dragons
RS  Austin Partain, Vermont Ice Storm

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