2003 American Football Association
Gold Ball Awards

Gold Ball Awards
AFA MVP of the Year:
Jay Hawes (QB) - Brooklyn Mariners

AFA Coach of the Year:
Robert "Pudgie" Walsh - Brooklyn Mariners
AFA 2003 National Champions

AFA Executive of the Year:
Dave Rice - Southern States Football League

AFA General Manager of the Year:
Brian Schultz - St. Paul Pioneers

AFA Offensive Player of the Year:
Sam Clemens (QB) - Kane County Eagles

AFA Defensive Player of the Year:
Sean McGlyn (LB) - Brooklyn Mariners

AFA Offensive Lineman of the Year:
Don Cornelius (C) - Cleveland Lions

AFA Defensive Lineman of the Year:
Bill Nebeker (DE) - South Ogden Rhino-Raiders

AFA Special Teams Player of the Year:
De Juane Jones (RS) - Cook County Punishers

AFA Silver Toe Award:
Bryan Bagsad (PK) - Glens Falls Greenjackets

AFA Silver Foot Award:
Greg Glaser (P) - Monroe County Sting

AFA Woman of the Year:
Mary Lockhart (Director) - East Coast Football Alliance

AFA President's Award:
Tom Milner - Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota Sports Commission

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