2012 Mason-Dixon Football League
Awards & Hall of Fame Inductees

*** North ***
Players of the Year
Offense - Tyree Foster - New Jersey Broncos
Defense - Laslow Pickett - Northern Neck Rivermen
Special Teams - Michael Corbett - Arbutus Big Red
Rookie - Alan Singletary - Arbutus Big Red
Coach of the Year - Ben Landi - New Jersey Broncos

*** South ***
Players of the Year
Offense - Isaiah Wigfall - Virginia Crusaders
Defense - Mytari Robinson - Virginia Crusaders
Special Teams - Pierre Brown - Fayetteville Ruff Riders
Rookie - Andre McGlone - Virginia Crusaders
Coach of the Year Larry Stith - Virginia Crusaders
Hall of Fame Inductees
Dexter Stephenson  Bay Neptunes and Sharks
Brian Darden  Peninsula Poseidons/Hampton Roads Sharks
Larry Stith  Peninsula Poseidon
Rodney Baylor  Tidewater Sharks
James Church  Tidewater Sharks
Dre Austin  Virginia Crusaders
Mike Bridges  Virginia Ravens
Ricky Price  Virginia Ravens
CJ Richardson  Virginia Ravens
Chuck Watson  Virginia Ravens

Ron Hill  Bay Neptunes/ Sharks
Lonnie "Lucky" Chappell  Jacksonville Raiders
James Isenhoward  Palmetto Pirates
Mark Bowser  Virginia Crusaders
Larry Stith  Virginia Crusaders

Marsha Blackshear  Palmetto Hurricanes
Eddie Richie  Palmetto Hurricanes
Loretta Brown  Virginia Crusaders (posthumously)
Queen Brown  Virginia Crusaders
Anthony "Tony" Owens  Virginia Crusaders
Laticia Stith  Virginia Crusaders
Darin Williams  Virginia Crusaders
Sylvia Davis Tyree  Virginia Silverbacks 

Edward "Buster" Morgan  Virginia Crusaders

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