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2014 Mason-Dixon Football League
Awards & Hall of Fame Inductees

*** North ***
Players/Coach of the Year
Offense - Tim Short - Northern Neck Rivermen
Defense - Curtis Johnson - Virginia Titans
Special Teams - Mike Howard - Northern Neck Rivermen
Rookie - Mark Johnson - Arbutus Big Red

*** South ***
Players/Coach of the Year
Offense - Andre McGlone - Virginia Crusaders
Defense - Travis Lee - Wilmington Tigers
Special Teams - Isaac Watkins - Tri County Crusaders
Rookie - Vinny Dolly - Wilmington Tigers
North All-Conference
QB1:  S. Long - Arbutus Big Red
QB2:  W. Covington - Northern Neck Rivermen
QBHM: B. Liller - Western Maryland Stags
RB1:  A. Singletary - Arbutus Big Red
RB1:  A. Ogunwenmo - Northern Neck Rivermen
RB2:  J. Cowles - Virginia Titans
RB2:  B. Chapman - Arbutus Big Red
RBHM: D. Barnes - Northern Neck Rivermen
RBHM: D. McGraw - Western Maryland Stags
FB1:  R. Green - Arbutus Big Red
FB2:  H. Perez - Northern Neck Rivermen
FBHM: T. Buckingham - Virginia Titans
WR1:  M. Howard - Northern Neck Rivermen
WR1:  M. Corbett - Arbutus Big Red
WR2:  K. Speis - Arbutus Big Red
WR2:  T. Short - Northern Neck Rivermen
WRHM: J. Wartella - Virginia Titans
WRHM: J. Guy - Western Maryland Stags
TE1:  L. Joyner - Arbutus Big Red
TE2:  J. Hughes - Virginia Titans
RT1:  N. Alexander - Arbutus Big Red
RT2:  B. Somerville - Northern Neck Rivermen
RTHM: K. Varner - Virginia Titans
LT1:  D. Watkins - Arbutus Big Red
LT2:  RJ Smith - Northern Neck Rivermen
LTHM: C. Winfrey - Virginia Titans
RG1:  D. Jones - Arbutus Big Red
RG2:  L. Matthews - Virginia Titans
RGHM: G. Nash - Western Maryland Stags
LG1:  R. Campbell - Northern Neck Rivermen
LG2:  H. Kenan - Arbutus Big Red
LGHM: A. Day - Western Maryland Stags
C1:   G. McMorris - Arbutus Big Red
C2:   J. Niles - Virginia Hornets
CHM:  M. Grooms - Virginia Titans

DE1:   TJ Ford  - Northern Neck Rivermen
DE1:   S. Stanley - Northern Neck Rivermen
DE2:   K. Mays - Arbutus Big Red
DE2:   L. Long - Arbutus Big Red
DEHM:  C. Johnson - Virginia Titans
DEHM:  D. Whyte - Virginia Hornets
DT1:   M. Greengold - Arbutus Big Red
DT1:   B. Samuels - Virginia Titans
DT2:   A. Horn - Northern Neck Rivermen
DT2:   S. Lembrick - Northern Neck Rivermen
DTHM:  L. Matthews - Virginia Titans
DTHM:  K. Santiful - Arbutus Big Red
WLB1:  M. Neidhart - Arbutus Big Red
WLB2:  L. Pickett - Northern Neck Rivermen
WLBHM: T. Bass - Virginia Titans
MLB1:  B. Twilley - Arbutus Big Red
MLB2:  S. Thompson - Northern Neck Rivermen
MLBHM: J. Fleming - Virginia Titans
SLB1:  M. Johnson - Arbutus Big Red
SLB2:  R. Taylor - Virginia Titans
SLBHM: D. Fields - Northern Neck Rivermen
CB1:   M.. Epps - Arbutus Big Red
CB1:   D. Manning - Northern Neck Rivermen
CB2:   A. Clipper  - Northern Neck Rivermen
CB2:   M. Carter - Virginia Hornets
CBHM:  G. Bass - Virginia Titans
CBHM:  R. Brown - Virginia Titans
SS1:   N. Curtis - Arbutus Big Red
SS2:   K. Pierce - Virginia Titans
SSHM:  T. Ross - Western Maryland Stags
FS1:   D. Reynolds - Northern Neck Rivermen
FS2:   K. West - Western Maryland Stags
FSHM:  T. Samuels - Virginia Titans

K1:   B. Rudd - Virginia Titans
K2:   J. Thompson - Arbutus Big Red
KHM:  B. Hollingsworth - Northern Neck Rivermen
P1:   R. White - Northern Neck Rivermen
P2:   J. Thompson - Arbutus Big Red
PHM:  B. Rudd - Virginia Titans
KR1:  L. Alexander - Virginia Titans
KR2:  M. Corbett - Arbutus Big Red
KRHM: M. Howard - Northern Neck Rivermen
PR1:  L. Alexander - Virginia Titans
PR2:  A. Singletary - Arbutus Big Red
PRHM: M. Howard - Northern Neck Rivermen
South All-Conference
QB1:  A. McGlone - Virginia Crusaders
QB2:  S. Sidbury - Wilmington Tigers
QBHM: JR Lane - Wilmington Tigers
RB1:  R. Cox - Tri Counties Crusaders
RB1:  S. Sidbury - Wilmington Tigers
RB2:  T. Lennon - Virginia Crusaders
RB2:  N. Lewis - Carolina Seminoles
RBHM: I. Richardson - Palmetto Hurricanes
RBHM: R. Artis - Virginia Crusaders
FB1:  M. Gonzales - Virginia Crusaders
FB2:  P. Byrd - Wilmington Tigers
FBHM: M. Davis - Palmetto Hurricanes
WR1:  S. Jackson - Virginia Crusaders
WR1:  J. Jones - Wilmington Tigers
WR2:  J. Washington - Virginia Crusaders
WR2:  D. Goins - Carolina Seminoles
WRHM: B. Harris - Palmetto Hurricanes
WRHM: M. Evans - Palmetto Hurricanes
TE1:  S. Brown - Virginia Crusaders
TE2:  J. Greene - Palmetto Hurricanes
TEHM: H. Prentice - Carolina Seminoles
RT1:  A. Nettles - Virginia Crusaders
RT2:  J. Moore - Tri Counties Crusaders
RTHM: L. McNeil - Carolina Seminoles
LT1:  B. Shackleford - Virginia Crusaders
LT2:  C. Lewis - Carolina Seminoles
LTHM: D. Douglas - Palmetto Hurricanes
RG1:  J. Langley - Virginia Crusaders
RG2:  T. Shipman - Wilmington Tigers
RGHM: G. Lartman - Palmetto Hurricanes
LG1:  F. Braxton - Virginia Crusaders
LG2:  J. Riches - Tri Counties Crusaders
LGHM: E. Burruss - Carolina Seminoles
C1:   S. Danley - Virginia Crusaders
C2:   C. Wright - Tri Counties Crusaders
CHM:  L. Brown - Wilmington Tigers

DE1:  A. Hall - Tri Counties Crusaders
DE1:  A. Scates - Carolina Seminoles
DE2:  M. Dukes - Carolina Seminoles
DE2:  JJ Lee - Wilmington Tigers
DEHM: R. Lee - Palmetto Hurricanes
DEHM: R. Hans - Virginia Crusaders
DT1:  D. Walker - Virginia Crusaders
DT1:  S. Smart - Tri Counties Crusaders
DT2:  K. Council - Carolina Seminoles
DT2:  J. McKoy - Wilmington Tigers
DTHM: L. McNeil - Carolina Seminoles
DTHM: N. Allen - Palmetto Hurricanes
WLB1:  J. Franklin - Virginia Crusaders
WLB2:  J. Kennedy - Palmetto Hurricanes
WLBHM: D. Bray - Carolina Seminoles
MLB1:  M. Beckley - Tri Counties Crusaders
MLB2:  T. Lee - Wilmington Tigers
MLBHM: M. Codie - Virginia Crusaders
SLB1:  S. Brown - Virginia Crusaders
SLB2:  R. Cox - Tri Counties Crusaders
SLBHM: S. Simon - Palmetto Hurricanes
CB1:   M. Golden - Virginia Crusaders
CB1:   A. Jackson - Wilmington Tigers
CB2:   D. Daise - Wilmington Tigers
CB2:   M. Wear - Tri Counties Crusaders
CBHM:  O. Poole - Palmetto Hurricanes
CBHM:  A.E. McGlone
SS1:   L. Williams - Virginia Crusaders
SS2:   D. Thompson - Wilmington Tigers
SSHM:  V. Burruss - Carolina Seminoles
FS1:   C. Tindal - Palmetto Hurricanes
FS2:   R. Merriweather - Virginia Crusaders
FSHM:  J. Wright - Carolina Seminoles

K1:   I. Smith - Palmetto Hurricanes
K2:   L. Collins - Carolina Seminoles
KHM:  S. Jackson - Virginia Crusaders
P1:   J. Agema - Palmetto Hurricanes
P2:   L. Collins - Carolina Seminoles
PHM:  S. Jackson - Virginia Crusaders
KR1:  M. Golden - Virginia Crusaders
KR2:  T. Lindsey - Tri Counties Crusaders
KRHM: W. Ford - Carolina Seminoles
PR1:  J. Jones - Wilmington Tigers
PR2:  M. Davis - Palmetto Hurricanes
PRHM: S. Brown - Virginia Crusaders
Hall of Fame Inductees
Russeell Mills - Virginia Crusaders
William Parker - Virginia Crusaders
Chris Perry - Virginia Crusaders

George Roycroft, III - Arbutus Big Red
Butch Mullin - Arbutus Big Red
Aaron Lewis - Northern Neck Rivermen
Michael Boisson - Virginia Crusaders
Tyrone Allen - Virginia Ravens
Chris Stodghill - Virginia Ravens
Ray Williams - Virginia Ravens
Jason Chapman - Wilmington Tigers
Mariqukes Dixon - Wilmington Tigers

William Fisher
Genia Artis - Wilmington Tigers
Veronica Phillips - Virginia Crusaders
Sheila Dillard - Virginia Crusaders

Equipment Managers
Bill "Wild Bill" Childress - Northern Neck Rivermen

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