2006 Mid-Continental Football League

League MVP - Justin Sherrod, West Michigan Force
Defensive MVP - Dave Schierbaum, Cleveland Lions
Offensive MVP - Chip McClain, Cleveland Lions
Coach of the Year - Ted Serama, West Michigan Force
Executive of the Year - Frank Sherrod, West Michigan Force
1 QB Robert Hunt, Detroit Seminoles
1 TB Chip McClain, Cleveland Lions
1 FB Nick Moore, Louisville Bulls
1 OC Pierre Dubose, Detroit Seminoles
1 OG Quintin Russell, Detroit Seminoles
1 OG Lance Dusendang, West Michigan Force
1 OT Dominique Walker, Cleveland Lions
1 OT Ted Serama, West Michigan Force
1 WR Eric Gardner, Jackson Bombers
1 WR Charles Barber, Detroit Seminoles
1 TE Mike Parris, Cleveland Lions

2 QB Jason Tokar, Jackson Bombers
2 TB Robert Perkins, Detroit Seminoles
2 FB Jason Jennings, West Michigan Force
2 OC Adam Dolan, West Michigan Force
2 OG Don  Smith, Cleveland Lions
2 OG Roger Wortham, Louisville Bulls
2 OT Pat Copeland, Indiana Mustangs
2 OT Larry Waldon, Detroit Seminoles
2 WR Daryl Moore, Kings Comets
2 WR Corterris Reese, Southern Michigan Timberwolves
2 TE Artez Baker, Detroit Seminoles
1 DT  Leon Crenshaw, Detroit Seminoles
1 DT  Claude Broomes, Indiana Mustangs
1 DE  Tim Weeks, Cleveland Lions
1 DE  Greg Tomecek, Southern Michigan Timberwolves
1 MLB Mike McCrary, Cleveland Lions
1 OLB Anthony Tyus, West Michigan Force
1 OLB Dave Schierbaum, Cleveland Lions
1 CB  Justin Sherrod, West Michigan Force
1 CB  Brandon Burfict, Louisville Bulls
1 FS  James Worthy, Detroit Seminoles
1 SS  K.C. Cavette, Kings Comets

2 DT  Jesse Black, Kings Comets
2 DT  Khadeijah	Ragland, Cleveland Lions
2 DE  Calvin Hughes, Ohio Swarm
2 DE  Ernest Bentz, West Michigan Force
2 MLB Andrew Atkinson, Kings Comets
2 OLB Keith Rowe, Jackson Bombers
2 OLB Mel King, Cleveland Lions
2 CB  Robert Cohen, Detroit Seminoles
2 CB  Hassan Brown, Cleveland Lions
2 FS  Woody Allen, Cleveland Lions
2 SS  Lamont Hunter, Louisville Bulls
Special Teams
1 AP Justin Sherrod, West Michigan Force
1 K  Dave Talenda, Cleveland Lions
1 P  Travis Johnson, Kings Comets
1 RS Justin Sherrod, West Michigan Force

2 AP Brian Jones, Ohio Swarm
2 K  Travis Johnson, Kings Comets
2 P  Troy Rizzuto, Southern Michigan Timberwolves
2 RS Lawrence Vickerstaff, Cleveland Lions

*AP denotes All Purpose
*RS denotes Return Specialist

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