2000 Mid-States Football League

Most Valuable Player - Dave Stolarek, Force of Illinois
Offensive Player of the Year - Troy Pearson, Detroit Seminoles
Defensive Player of the Year - Sylvester Jennings, Detroit Seminoles
Rookie of the Year - Mike Arcella, Lake County Steelers
Coach of the Year - Doug Tibbits, Michigan Huskies
                    Bob Crowder, Lake County Steelers
Executive of the Year - Thomas Campbell, Chicago Panthers
1st Team Offense                           1st Team Defense
Robert Hunt, Detroit Seminoles QB          Sylvester Jennings, Detroit Seminoles CB
Troy Pearson, Detroit Seminoles RB         PeeWee Woods, Force of Illinois CB
Erick Harper, Indianapolis Warriors RB     James Dowdy, Indianapolis Warriors S
Terrence McMillian, Detroit Seminoles WR   Aubrey Glasper, Chicago Panthers S
David Langager, Michiana Saints WR         Ray Jebsen, Force of Illinois LB
Allen Bridges, Michiana Saints TE          Paul Nawrot, Chicago Mavericks LB
Larry Waldon, Detroit Seminoles OL         Paul Csakany, Michiana Saints LB
Jim Zilinger, Chicago Mavericks OL         Dyrrah Christian, Force of Illinois DL
Steve Leveile, Force of Illinois OL        Leon Crenshaw, Detroit Seminoles DL
Dave Connell, Force of Illinois OL         Rudy Johnson, Detroit Seminoles DL
Rich Detcher, Michigan Huskies OL          Mark Covington, Detroit Seminoles DL

1st Team Special Teams                     2nd Team Special Teams
Rosko Apolstolski, Detroit Seminoles K     Ryan Friend, Indianapolis Warriors K
Andre Hodges, Chicago Mavericks P          Chuck Memering, Lake County Steelers P
Deqwando West, Detroit Seminoles RS        David Goff, Indianapolis Warriors RS

2nd Team Offense                           2nd Team Defense
Dave Stolarek, Force of Illinois QB        Delius Morris, Detroit Seminoles CB
Melvin Willaims, Force of Illinois RB      Tony Shelby, Indianapolis Warriors CB
Michael Merritt, Chicago Mavericks RB      John Irving, Chicago Panthers S
Deqwando West, Detroit Seminoles WR        Antwoine Patton, Force of Illinois S
Ronnie Gordon, Force of Illinois WR        Eddie Hines, Michigan Huskies LB
Thomas Campbell, Chicago Panthers WR       Steve Szakacs, Lake County Steelers LB
Raul Diaz, Lake County Steelers OL         Khalid Sabur, Force of Illinois LB
Byron Culver, Detroit Seminoles OL         Adam Higdon, Chicago Mavericks DL
Bill Hayes, Michiana Saints OL             Jeff Davis, Chicago Mavericks DL
Dwayne Schwiemlein, Force of Illinois OL   Paul Lloyd, Chicago Panthers DL
Chris Wash, Michigan Huskies OL            Brian Cappetta, Force of Illinois DL

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