2001 Mid-States Football League

Most Valuable Player - Robert Hunt, Detroit Seminoles
Offensive Player of the Year - Roy Granger, Detroit Seminoles
Defensive Player of the Year - Brock Yoast, Dowagiac Dawgs
MSFL Newcomer of the Year - Jeff Davis, Milwaukee Marauders
Special Teams Player of the Year - Fabian Banks, Lake County Steelers
Coach of the Year - Norris Jackson, Detroit Seminoles
Executive of the Year - Bill & Debbie Peavey, Dowagiac Dawgs
1st Team Offense                               1st Team Defense
Robert Hunt, Detroit Seminoles QB              Sylvester Jennings, Detroit Seminoles CB
Demeterious Thompson, Milwaukee Marauders RB   Chris Lidwin, Milwaukee Marauders CB
Troy Pearson, Detroit Seminoles RB             Jimmy Cuellar, Lake County Steelers S
Roy Granger, Detroit Seminoles WR              Danon Carter, Milwaukee Marauders S
Jeff Davis, Milwaukee Marauders WR             Jemel Thompson, Detroit Seminoles LB
O'Brien Collins, Dowagiac Dawgs TE             Brock Yoast, Dowagiac Dawgs LB
Rob Zimmerman, Milwaukee Marauders OL          Tony Young, Detroit Seminoles LB
Levi Hepp, Lake County Steelers OL             Marcus Fletcher, Milwaukee Marauders DL
Larry Waldon, Detroit Seminoles OL             Derrick McNeil, Dowagiac Dawgs DL
Byron Culver, Detroit Seminoles OL             Leon Crenshaw, Detroit Seminoles DL
Lonney Lunk, Dowagiac Dawgs OL                 Pache Smith, Lake County Steelers DL

1st Team Special Teams                         2nd Team Special Teams
Rasko Apostovski, Detroit Seminoles K          Gary Zack, Lake County Steelers K
Chuck Memering, Lake County Steelers P
Roy Granger, Detroit Seminoles RS              Fabian Banks, Lake County Steelers

2nd Team Offense                               2nd Team Defense
Lamone Moore, Dowagiac Dawgs QB                Delius Morris, Detroit Seminoles CB
James Garner Jr., Lake County Steelers RB      Aaron Olmstead, Dowagiac Dawgs CB
Bo Rush, Detroit Seminoles RB                  Jerry Peavey, Dowagiac Dawgs S
Marty Webb, Lake County Steelers WR            Allan Baswell, Lake County Steelers S
Terrence McMillian, Detroit Seminoles WR       Rob Jacobi, Milwaukee Marauders LB
Dylan Williams, Milwaukee Marauders WR         Sidney Davis, Lake County Steelers LB
Brian Peavey, Dowagiac Dawgs OL                Raul Diaz, Lake County Steelers LB
Dave Gruett, Lake County Steelers OL           Fillippe Williams, Detroit Seminoles DL
Don Grambrel, Lake County Steelers OL          Adam Bahme, Milwaukee Marauders DL
Pierre DuBose, Detroit Seminoles OL            Russell Griffin, Milwaukee Marauders DL
Tom Thompson, Milwaukee Marauders OL           Mike Williams, Detroit Seminoles DL

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