2002 Mid-States Football League

Most Valuable Player - Markus Pryor, Cook County Punishers
Offensive Player of the Year - Melvin Allen, Chicago Lawmen
Defensive Player of the Year - Azriel Woodson, Detroit Seminoles
MSFL Newcomer of the Year - R.J. Lefor, Kalamazoo Dawgs
Joy Barry Special Teams Player of the Year - Matthew Jehs, Chicago Lawmen
Bill Peavey Coach of the Year - Eddie McKinnie & Jack Whenne, Cook County Punishers
Howard Huntington Executive of the Year - Bob Crowder, Lake County Steelers
1st Team Offense                          1st Team Defense
Darnell Jones, Cook County Punishers QB   Antoine Patton, Force of Illinois CB
Delsean Littlejohn, Detroit Seminoles RB  Tarik Smith, Cook County Punishers CB
Joe Pruitt, Lansing Lightning RB          Sylvester Jennings, Detroit Seminoles S
Melvin Allen, Chicago Lawmen WR           Dornaj Davis, Milwaukee Avalanche S
Roy Granger, Detroit Seminoles WR         Markus Pryor, Cook County Punishers LB
DeJuane Jones, Cook County Punishers WR   Ray Jebsen, Force of Illinois LB
Robert Vick, Cook County Punishers OL     Azriel Woodson, Detroit Seminoles LB
Larry Waldon, Detroit Seminoles OL        Servera Gilbert, Force of Illinois DL
Dave Connell, Force of Illinois OL        Shalimar Boyd, Chicago Lawmen DL
Anthony Moore, Cook County Punishers OL   Dyrrah Christian, Force of Illinois DL
Edward Hugan, Detroit Seminoles OL        Mike Brown, Cook County Punishers DL

1st Team Special Teams                    2nd Team Special Teams
Matthew Jehs, Chicago Lawmen K            Rasko Apostolvski, Detroit Seminoles K
Andre Wolas, Chicago Lawmen P             Jon Vojta,  Milwaukee Avalanche P
Melvin Allen, Chicago Lawmen RS           Roy Granger, Detroit Seminoles RS

2nd Team Offense                          2nd Team Defense
R.J. Lefor, Kalamazoo Dawgs QB            Steve Ellis, Milwaukee Avalanche CB
Robert Hunt, Detroit Seminoles QB         Lawrence Taylor, Kalamazoo Dawgs CB
Shawn Washington, Force of Illinois RB    John Irving, Cook County Punishers S
Bo Rush, Detroit Seminoles RB             Frank Augustaye, Chicago Lawmen S
Bill Andrews, Cook County Punishers RB    Claudis Dawson, Chicago Lawmen LB
Levelle Armour, Force of Illinois WR      Tony Young, Detroit Seminoles LB
Mike Edgar, Force of Illinois WR          Brock Yoast, Kalamazoo Dawgs LB
Terrell Rocquemore, Chicago Lawmen TE     Gary Trebolo, Chicago Lawmen DL
Anthony Perri, Chicago Lawmen OL          Ronald Rocquemore, Chicago Lawmen DL
Don Gambrel, Lake County Steelers OL      Leon Crenshaw, Detroit Seminoles DL
Jason Kimble, Milwaukee Avalanche OL      Desmond Walker, Milwaukee Avalanche DL
Levi Hepp, Lake County Steelers OL
J.R. Jeans, Milwaukee Avalanche OL

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