2003 Mid-States Football League

Executive of the Year - Joey Gomez, Force of Illinois
Coaches of the Year - Eddie McKinnie, Cook County Punishers
                      Jose Rodriguez, Cook County Jaguars
Most Valuable Player - Markus Pryor, Cook County Punishers
Defensive Player of the Year - Erik Anderson, Chicago Lawmen
Offensive Player of the Year - Brandon Jewett, Chicago Lawmen
Special Teams Player of the Year - Andre Wolas, Chicago Lawmen
Newcomer of the Year - Ian Piccure, Cook County Jaguars
Lineman of the Year - Levi Hepp, Lake County Steelers
QB - Brandon Jewett, Chicago Lawmen
RB - DeAngelo Horton, Lake County Steelers
RB - William Miller, Chicago Lawmen
WR - Tony Stash, Lake County Steelers
WR - Melvin Allen, Chicago Lawmen
TE - Dan Plichta, Cook County Jaguars
T  - Ron Rocquemore, Chicago Lawmen
T  - Terrell Rocquemore, Chicago Lawmen
G  - Robert Vick, Cook County Punishers
G  - James Zilinger, Cook County Jaguars
C  - Levi Hepp, Lake County Steelers

CB - Harold Stigger, Chicago Lawmen
CB - Tarik Smith, Cook County Punishers
S  - Ricky Carter, Cook County Punishers
S  - Angelo Poindexter, Force of Illinois
LB - Jeff Maxfield, Lake County Steelers
LB - Erik Anderson, Chicago Lawmen
LB - Ian Piccure, Cook County Jaguars
LB - Markus Pryor, Cook County Punishers
DE - Sam Dunlap, Force of Illinois
DE - Terrell Rocquemore, Chicago Lawmen
DT - Brandon Sagotz Cook County Punishers
DT - Pache Smith, Lake County Steelers

K/P - Andre Wolas, Chicago Lawmen
RS  - De'Juane Jones, Cook County Punishers
ST  - Tyrone Thurman, Chicago Lawmen

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