2005 Mid-States Football League

Executive of the year: Delane Richhart, Indiana Titans
Coach of the Year: Terry Thomas, Chicago Thunder
Assistant Coach of the Year: Tony Ptak, Chicago Thunder
Most Valuable Player: De'Juane Jones, Force of Illinois
Offensive Player of the year: De'Juane Jones, Force of Illinois
Defensive Player of the year: Corey Thompson, Chicago Thunder
Special Teams Player of the Year: Jamie Clemmons, Chicago Thunder
Newcomer of the Year: Dave Kuehl, Lake County Steelers
*** First Team ***
QB - Willie Davis Jr., Kankakee Seminoles
RB - Joeron Hill, Kankakee Seminoles
RB - Shawn Sierra, Chicago Thunder
WR - De'Juane Jones, Force of Illinois
WR - Mike Terrell, Kankakee Seminoles
WR - Mike Swiatkowski, Leyden Lions
TE - Jason Cook, Roscoe Rush
OL - Chris Terwilliger, Roscoe Rush
OL - Robert Vick, Force of Illinois
OL - Tawone Keith, Chicago Thunder
OL - Marc Kinneman, Roscoe Rush
OL - Nathan Hillman, Kankakee Seminoles

*** Second Team ***
QB - Jorge Sierra, Chicago Thunder
RB - Dwight Williams, Roscoe Rush
RB - Ashlee Frazier, Chicago Thunder
WR - Glenn Ayro, Central Indiana Bears
WR - Nelson Robinson, Lake County Steelers
WR - Rob Feltner, Roscoe Rush
TE - Brian Vleck, Force of Illinois
OL - William Scott, Lake County Chiefs
OL - Mike Creekmore, Indiana Titans
OL - Steve Sliwka, Chicago Thunder
OL - Abe Shenouda, Leyden Lions
OL - William Annang, Chicago Falcons
*** First Team ***
DB - Greg Huebbe, Roscoe Rush
DB - Levar Stepter, Chicago Thunder
DB - Joel Recchia, Chicago Thunder
DB - Terry Moore, Central Indiana Bears
LB - Al Ross, Force of Illinois
LB - Ian Piccuro, Leyden Lions
LB - Todd Sutton, Kankakee Seminoles
LB - Justin Carter, Central Indiana Bears
DL - Mike Roscoe, Roscoe Rush
DL - Corey Thompson, Chicago Thunder
DL - Wendell McClain, Roscoe Rush

*** Second Team ***
DB - Allen Laughton, Bolingbrook Stallions
DB - Levi Adams, Force of Illinois
DB - Damon Rucker, Roscoe Rush
DB - James Dock, Roscoe Rush
LB - Anthony Dedmond, Roscoe Rush
LB - Jamie Isome, Chicago Wolverines
LB - Brian Kelly, Roscoe Rush
DL - Anthony Ragona, Chicago Thunder
DL - Broch Meyers, Roscoe Rush
DL - Stanley Stampley, Kankakee Seminoles
DL - Dwayne Montgomery, Central Indiana Bears
DL - Dave Wisebrock, Leyden Lions
Special Teams
*** First Team ***
K  - Jamie Clemmons, Chicago Thunder
P  - Andre Wolas, Lake County Chiefs
R  - De'Juane Jones, Force of Illinois
ST - Tony Aguilar, Roscoe Rush

*** Second Team ***
K  - Ryan Fleming, Roscoe Rush
P  - Louis Wierenga, Chicago Wolverines
R  - Damon Rucker, Roscoe Rush
ST - Fred Williams, Lake County Steelers

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