2011 Mid-States Football League

Most Valuable Player: Jeremy Hibbeln - Indiana Generals
Coach of the Year: Bill Kalas - Roscoe Rush
Offensive Player of the Year: Dejuan Self - Indiana Generals
Defensive Player of the Year: Justin Ankley - Lake Geneva Generals
Special Teams Player of the Year: Julie Harshbarger - Roscoe Rush
Rookie of the Year: Bryant Pascascio - Chicago Mustangs
Executive  of the Year: Derek Diehl - Lake Geneva Generals
Franchise of the Year: Roscoe Rush
First Team
QB: Jeremy Hibbeln - Indiana Generals
RB: Greg Sanders - Racine Threat
FB: Bobby Burton - Indiana Generals
WR: Justin Opengo - Roscoe Rush
WR: Dejuan Self - Indiana Generals
TE: Kyle Ragan - Indiana Generals
OL: Jerry Goode - Indiana Generals
OL: Sam Adjari - Chicago Thunder
OL: Jason Glodowski - Roscoe Rush
OL: Ralph Gillespie - Mid-State Steel
OL: Tony Appleby - Indiana Generals

DL: Dave Wisbrock - Leyden Lions
DL: Justin Ankley - Lake Geneva Generals
DL: Shonn Bell - Mid-State Steel
DL: DeAndre Mosely - Chicago Mustangs
LB: Anthony Dedmond - Roscoe Rush
LB: Ward Brady - Chicago Mustangs
LB: Justin Carter - Indiana Generals
CB: Nick Gunn - Springfield Foxes
CB: Anthony Jordan - Chicago Mustangs
S:  Monsanto Love - Indiana Generals
S:  Marcell Phiffer - Springfield Foxes

K:  Julie Harshbarger - Roscoe Rush
P:  Jared Armstrong - Chicago Mustangs
KR: Bryant Pascascio - Chicago Mustangs
PR: Bryant Pascascio - Chicago Mustangs
Second Team
QB: Jorge Sierra - Chicago Thunder
RB: Darrin Douthit - Indiana Generals
FB: Phillip Towne - Lake Geneva Generals
WR: Norm LeFlore - Chicago Thunder
WR: Demetrius Butler - Lake Geneva Generals
TE: Chris Walter - Chicago Mustangs
OL: Josh Coyle - Northern Illinois Cowboys
OL: Matt Childress - Indiana Generals
OL: Juan Ayala - Racine Threat
OL: Broch Meyer - Roscoe Rush
OL: Michael Rice - Lake Geneva Generals

DL: Lamar Keith - Northern Illinois Cowboys
DL: David Haywood - Racine Threat
DL: Joey Foerster - Dane County Hawks
DL: Ryan O’Sullivan - Chicago Mustangs
LB: Victor McDonald - Dane County Hawks
LB: Darius Nunn - Racine Threat
LB: Nick Loomis - Racine Threat
CB: Kenneth Sperry - Lake County Steelers
CB: Craig Rolfe - Springfield Foxes
S:  Jason Pardo - Racine Threat
S:  Lamont Gilliam - Chicago Thunder

K:  Ben Aguilar - Chicago Thunder
P:  Eric Guthrie - Chicago Thunder
KR: Garland Walton - Springfield Foxes
PR: Cerellis Lockett - Lake Geneva Generals

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