2012 Mid-States Football League

Most Valuable Player: Justin Opengo - Roscoe Rush
Offensive Player of Year: Drew Fendrich - Springfield Foxes
Defensive Player of Year: Lorenzo Hood - Chicago Mustangs
Rookie of the Year: Dan Carter - Roscoe Rush
Special Teams Player of Year: Alex Fuller - Leyden Lions
Coach of the Year: Haywood Simmons - Monona Warriors
Asst Coach of the Year: Javon Oden - Roscoe Rush
Executive of the Year: Rob Feltner - Roscoe Rush/MSFL Executive Board
Franchise of the Year: Springfield Foxes
Eastern Conference
*** 1st Team ***
QB: Drew Fendrich - Springfield Foxes
TB: Steve Strimel, Jr. - Lincoln-Way Patriots
FB: Courtney Molton - Springfield Foxes
WR: Norman Leflore - Chicago Thunder
WR: Chris Hampton - Springfield Foxes
TE: Nathan Rashid - Mid-State Steel
C:  Sean Foley - Indiana Generals
OG: John Thibideau - Lincoln-Way Patriots
OG: Ralph Gilespie - Mid-State Steel
OT: Dane Bik - Chicago Thunder
OT: Niko Miller - Lincoln-Way Patriots

DE:  Eric McKinney - Indiana Mustangs
DE:  Karl Grant - Lincoln-Way Patriots
DT:  Chris Brady - Chicago Thunder
DT:  Michael Cupp - Indiana Mustangs
OLB: Aaron Ballinger - Indiana Generals
OLB: Frank Odom - Mid-State Steel
MLB: Bobby Asberry - Indiana Generals
CB:  Willie Tolon - Chicago Thunder
CB:  Paul Carter - Indiana Mustangs
SS:  Stefan Osby - Indiana Mustangs
FS:  Bobby Miller - Chicago Thunder

AP: Gary Miller - Springfield Foxes
K:  Ian McGarvey - Indiana Generals
P:  Ian McGarvey - Indiana Generals
RS: Garland Watson - Springfield Foxes

*** 2nd Team ***
QB: Eric Hooks - Indiana Mustangs
TB: Xavier Blake - Mid-State Steel
FB: Brian Davis - Mid-State Steel
WR: Gavin Wisel - Indiana Mustangs
WR: Ron Foster - Mid-State Steel
TE: Jamel Ward - Springfield Foxes
C:  Jordan Cook - Indiana Mustangs
OG: Josh Cox - Indiana Mustangs
OG: Mike Tomlin - Springfield Foxes
OT: Dontesz Motley - Indiana Nighthawks
OT: Kevin Norris - Springfield Foxes

DE:  Brandon Cunning - Lincoln-Way Patriots
DE:  Chris Rudolph - Springfield Foxes
DT:  Freddy Jefferson - Indiana Generals
DT:  Steve Crutchfield - Springfield Foxes
OLB: Ryan Levreau - Lincoln-Way Patriots
OLB: Garland Walton - Springfield Foxes
MLB: Craig Rolfe - Springfield Foxes
CB:  Ryan Buchanan - Joliet Buccaneers
CB:  Marcell Phiffer - Springfield Foxes
SS:  Chris Rude - Springfield Foxes
FS:  Jerimy Finch - Indiana Mustangs

AP: Josh Huser - Springfield Foxes
K:  Eric Boughton - Springfield Foxes
P:  Jerimy Finch - Indiana Mustangs
RS: Josh Huser - Mid-State Steel

*** Honorable Mention ***
QB: Tim Finney - Mid-State Steel
QB: Brad Geever - Joliet Buccaneers
TB: Rodyne Starks - Indiana Mustangs
TB: Cordiaro Jackson - Lake County Steelers
TB: Darin Utley - Springfield Foxes
TB: Michael Ingram - Joliet Buccaneers
WR: Brandon Shipman - Indiana Generals
WR: Maurice Jones - Indiana Nighthawks
WR: Andy Kinney - Lake County Steelers
WR: Ricky Packingham - Springfield Foxes
WR: Carleston Acres - Springfield Foxes
TE: Robert Deacon - Joliet Buccaneers
C:  Rob Fountian - Mid-State Steel
OG: Jimmy Willis - Springfield Foxes
OT: Eric Sopher - Mid-State Steel

DE:  Randy Morris - Indiana Mustangs
DE:  Jason Monroe - Indiana Nighthawks
DE:  Anthony Bannan - Mid-State Steel
DT:  Ryan Wright - Mid-State Steel
OLB: Arlander Wade - Joliet Buccaneers
OLB: Mike Fayette - Lake County Steelers
MLB: Clemente Sonnier - Lake County Steelers
CB:  Charles Turner - Mid-State Steel
CB:  Jay Cross - Indiana Nighthawks
SS:  Tommie Hinton - Mid-State Steel
FS:  Monsanto Love - Indiana Generals
FS:  Lance Still - Springfield Foxes

AP: Jeff McClure - Indiana Mustangs
AP: Anthony Michalowicz - Joliet Buccaneers
RS: Donyea Robinson - Indiana Mustangs
Western Conference
*** 1st Team ***
QB: Craig McClelland - Racine Raiders
TB: J.R. Taylor - Racine Raiders
FB: Bryan Jennings, Jr. - Racine Threat
WR: Ricardo Williams - Lake Geneva Generals
WR: Justin Opengo - Roscoe Rush
TE: Mark Chambers - Lake Geneva Generals
C:  Juan Manriquez - Roscoe Rush
OG: Travis Pagel - Monona Warriors
OG: Erik Olson - Racine Threat
OT: Chris Edwards - Racine Raiders
OT: Kyler Holeton - Roscoe Rush

DE:  Lorenzo Hood - Chicago Mustangs
DE:  Dave Wisbrock - Leyden Lions
DT:  Justin Ankley - Lake Geneva Generals
DT:  Perry Sanders - Leyden Lions
OLB: Nate Harris - Racine Raiders
OLB: Mike Zold - Racine Threat
MLB: Anthony Dedmond - Roscoe Rush
CB:  Alex Fuller - Leyden Lions
CB:  Mack Nicholas - Roscoe Rush
SS:  Jaarael Bell - Racine Threat
FS:  CJ Wilson - Lake Geneva Generals

AP: Ricardo Williams - Lake Geneva Generals
K:  Julie Harshbarger - Roscoe Rush
P:  David Winn - Leyden Lions
RS: Ricardo Williams - Lake Geneva Generals

*** 2nd Team ***
QB: Jason Hufford - Roscoe Rush
TB: Greg Sanders - Racine Threat
FB: Pierre Myers - Leyden Lions
WR: Martez Malone - Monona Warriors
WR: Dorian Palmer - Racine Raiders
TE: Jason Cook - Roscoe Rush
C:  Ronnie Lollis - Racine Raiders
OG: Marcus Summers - Chicago Mustangs
OG: Vichael Foxx - Roscoe Rush
OT: Siggy Roe - Chicago Mustangs
OT: Morris Matsen - Racine Threat

DE:  Jeremy Krauss - Monona Warriors
DE:  Davie Pierson - Roscoe Rush
DT:  Victor Jackson - Racine Threat
DT:  Wendell McClain - Roscoe Rush
OLB: Kurt James - Chicago Mustangs
OLB: Gage Mikkelson - Monona Warriors
MLB: Craig Rolfe - Springfield Foxes
CB:  Antoine Vance - Monona Warriors
CB:  David Earl - Racine Raiders
SS:  Matt Holt - Chicago Mustangs
FS:  Jason Pardo - Racine Threat

AP: Troy Collier - Racine Threat
K:  T.J. Hearn - Racine Threat
P:  Matt Ulam - Dane County Hawks
RS: Alex Fuller - Leyden Lions

*** Honorable Mention ***
QB: David Skowronski - Chicago Mustangs
QB: Jeremy Thornton - Monona Warriors
TB: Tyson Jackson - Monona Warriors
TB: Dion Foster - Leyden Lions
FB: Johnathan Finch - Chicago Mustangs
FB: Jerry Moore - Monona Warriors
WR: Julius Holland - Leyden Lions
WR: Matt Stoker - Monona Warriors
WR: Dan Carter - Roscoe Rush
TE: Anton Graham - Racine Threat
C:  B.Z. Rice - Lake Geneva Generals
C:  Sean Brennen - Dane County Hawks
OG: Steve Pfund - Racine Threat
OG: T.J. Jacobs - Lake Geneva Generals
OG: Jimmy Mac - Monona Warriors
OT: Dusty Svendsen - Racine Raiders
OT: Jon Wade - Dane County Hawks

DE:  Ardray Jarrett - Racine Raiders
DE:  James Herbrechtsmeier - Racine Threat
DE:  David Haywood - Racine Threat,
DE:  Dale Wrobleski - Dane County Hawks
DT:  Ashton Elmore - Monona Warriors
OLB: Andrew Tryner - Leyden Lions
MLB: Quintell Pratcher - Lake Geneva Generals
MLB: Jimmy Biesiada - Chicago Mustangs
MLB: Joey Foerster - Dane County Hawks
CB:  Alex Shaban - Lake Geneva Generals
CB:  Adaris Anderson - Racine Threat
SS:  Steve Nixon - Dane County Hawks
FS:  Torie Ruffin - Racine Raiders
FS:  John Hall - Chicago Mustangs

AP: Steve Kimbell - Dane County Hawks
K:  Lee Forgac - Chicago Mustangs
P:  Joel DaPra - Racine Raiders
RS: Julius Holland - Leyden Lions

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