1999 Mid-States Football League

Most Valuable Player - Dave Stolarek, Force of Illinois
Offensive Player of the Year - Clarence McGee, Indianapolis Warriors
Defensive Player of the Year - Antwoine Patton, Force of Illinois
Rookie of the Year - Nelson Cain, Chicago Mavericks
Special Teams Player of the Year - Joy Barry, Chicago Panthers
                                   LaRon Moore, Indianapolis Warriors
Coach of the Year - Jerry Grohn, Force of Illinois
Executive of the Year - Daria Ray, Indianapolis Warriors
1st Team Offense                           1st Team Defense
Dave Stolarek, Force of Illinois QB        Antwoine Patton, Force of Illinois CB
Clarence McGee, Indianapolis Warriors RB   Steven Cowherd, Indianapolis Warriors CB
Talley Redmond, Chicago Panthers RB        Jim Mackowiak, Force of Illinois S
Mario Coleman, Chicago Mavericks WR        D'Lanor Graves, Chicago Mavericks S
Fletcher Davis, Force of Illinois WR       Marshell Hunter, Indianapolis Warriors LB
Ashley Marshall, Chicago Panthers TE       Ray Jebsen, Force of Illinois LB
Dave Connell, Force of Illinois OL         Paul Nawrot, Chicago Mavericks LB
Steven Levelle, Force of Illinois OL       Zak Butkus, Force of Illinois DL
Anthony Moore, Chicago Panthers OL         Dyrrah Christian, Force of Illinois DL
Bill Evers, Force of Illinois OL           Don Long, Force of Illinois DL
Cory Bishop, Indianapolis Warriors OL      Robert Jordan, Indianapolis Warriors DL

1st Team Special Teams                     2nd Team Special Teams
Christian Fridrich, Force of Illinois K    Joy Barry, Chicago Panthers K
Steve Gurvis, Chicago Mavericks P          Christian Fridrich, Force of Illinois P
LaRon Moore, Indianapolis Warriors RS      Rodney Sessions, Metro East Stallions RS

2nd Team Offense                           2nd Team Defense
Mike Mundy, Indianapolis Warriors QB       Will Creighton, Force of Illinois CB
Andy Beckman, Force of Illinois RB         Harold Stiggers, Chicago Mavericks CB
Erick Harper, Indianapolis Warriors RB     John Irving, Chicago Panthers S
Nelson Cain, Chicago Mavericks WR          James Dowdy, Indianapolis Warriors S
James Warren, Force of Illinois WR         Keith Borum, Chicago Panthers LB
Vince Brown, Force of Illinois TE          Doug Barnes, Force of Illinois LB
Kurtis Clay, Chicago Panthers OL           Tyrone Pettus, Indianapolis Warriors LB
Claude Broome, Indianapolis Warriors OL    Paul Lloyd, Chicago Panthers DL
Keith Young, Indianapolis Warriors OL      Lyner Moore, Indianapolis Warriors DL
Kevin Thomas, Chicago Mavericks OL         Pache Smith, Chicago Panthers DL
                                           Nate Jackman, Chicago Mavericks DL
                                           Brian Cappetta, Force of Illinois DL

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