2010 North American Football League
Awards and All-Stars

Team of the Year: Bellingham Bulldogs
Owner of the Year: Bill Caldwell - Nashville Storm
Offensive Player of the Year: Phellepe Hall -  Nashville Storm
Defensive Player of the Year: Dan Brown - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Special Team Player of the Year: Emmanuel Ogunyele - South Jersey Lynx
Coach of the Year: Robert Huntoon -  Capital City Stealth
Team Administrator of the Year: Melissa Johnson - Syracuse Shock
Comeback Team of the Year: Traverse City Wolves
Comeback Player of the Year: Darnell Wilson -  Traverse City Wolves
Commissioners Award: Nashville Storm
AFC Commissioners Award: Austin Vipers
NFC Commissioners Award: Finger Lakes Impact
National Conference All-Stars
*** 1st Team ***
Jordan Dick C - Capital City Stealth
Aaron Rauen C - Dubuque Bruisers
Richard Eckley C/OL - Bridge City Knights
Ryan DeFrancesco C/OL - Pittsburgh Colts
Ron Dixon CB - Michigan Vikings
Corey Edwards CB - Traverse City Wolves
Chris Odom CB/K/P - Lancaster Lightning
Dwayne Worthy CB/KR - Lancaster Lightning
Maurice Taylor DB - South Jersey Lynx
Thoni Oriental DB - Dubuque Bruisers
Chris Pollard DB - South Jersey Lynx
Rich St Firman DB/FS/WR - Bridge City Knights
Derrick Dean DE - Dubuque Bruisers
Brandon Anderson DE - Traverse City Wolves
Darnell Wilson DE - Traverse City Wolves
Demetrius Smallwood DE - Bridge City Knights
James Gronen DT - Dubuque Bruisers
Gary Brown DT - Michigan Vikings
Kenny Clark DT - Finger Lakes Impact
Landen Gaines DT - Dubuque Bruisers
Tom Lathrop K/LS - Bridge City Knights
Eric Meyer LB - Dubuque Bruisers
Dominick Locascio LB - Dubuque Bruisers
Tyler Alpers LB - Traverse City Wolves
Karey Morrow LB - Traverse City Wolves
Maxwell McGuffey LB - Michigan Vikings
James Williams LB - Capital City Stealth
Earl Work LB - Pittsburgh Colts
Shawn Thatcher OL - Lancaster Lightning
Tom Bailey OL/DL - Tri City Thunder
Josh Freeman OL/DL - Tri City Thunder
Vincent Queen OL/G - Albany Metro Mallers
Steve Thatcher OL/G - Lancaster Lightning
Robert Deppen OT/KR - Lancaster Lightning
Matthew Louis QB - Dubuque Bruisers
Ian Godfrey QB - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Larry Graham RB - DC Explosion
BJ Chandler RB - Traverse City Wolves
Corey Randall RB/FB/LB - Bridge City Knights
Jeneriles Metezier RB/PR - Dubuque Bruisers
Darnell Murdock TE/DE - Albany Metro Mallers
Earl Hudson WR - Finger Lakes Impact
Ray Lewis WR/KR - Lancaster Lightning
Edward Dover WR/LS - South Jersey Lynx
Newt Jones WR/QB - Finger Lakes Impact
John Brennan WR/RB - Glens Falls Greenjackets
McCartney Sealey WR/S - Tri City Thunder
Donald Murdock Jr. CB/KR - Albany Metro Mallers
Judah Bolser CB/PR - Bridge City Knights
Jeremy Thrasher C - Virginia Steelers
Ronnie Reid C/G - Southern Tier Warriors
Grant Dickey QB/WR - Bridge City Knights
Torrell Northrup DE - Finger Lakes Impact
Dwayne Gordon RB - Syracuse Shock
Scott Irons DL - Syracuse Shock
David Brown-Darmetko D - Glove Cities Colonials
Charles Tarver O - Glove Cities Colonials
Glenn Ayro WR - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Eric Brim OL - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Carlton Summler LB - Indianapolis Tornadoes

*** 2nd Team *** 
Kamar Elliott DB - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Sam Grantham DB - Capital City Stealth
Ed Byrnes DB/S - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Solomon Taylor DB/S - Dubuque Bruisers
Rob Savoy DB/S - DC Explosion
Gabe Young DB/S/PR - Albany Metro Mallers
Jason Morales DB/SS - Finger Lakes Impact
James Pollard Jr DE - South Jersey Lynx
Preston Simmons DE - Virginia Steelers
Paul Hand DE - South Jersey Lynx
Raquan Sanders DE - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Nigel Alleyne-Orange DE - Tri City Thunder
Mike Loon DE - Finger Lakes Impact
Desmond Burgess DE - Glens Falls Greenjackets
John Maye DE - DC Explosion
Glynn Porter DL - Capital City Stealth
Andre Bouldin DL - Capital City Stealth
Wilfredo Cruz DL/KR - Lancaster Lightning
Mike Jackson DT - Dubuque Bruisers
Dominic Doyle DT - Michigan Vikings
Dionne Mathews DT - DC Explosion
Dominique Williams DT - DC Explosion
Jeremy Boyd DT/G - Albany Metro Mallers
Cheagan Wilson LB - Finger Lakes Impact
Eric Hadley LB - Capital City Stealth
Ryan Brown LB - Traverse City Wolves
Mike Dennison LB - Glens Falls Greenjackets
James Shewchuk LB - South Jersey Lynx
Jerald Hornsby LB - South Jersey Lynx
Alex Brace LB - Albany Metro Mallers
Ernest Rawlings Jr LB - DC Explosion
Kevin Lee LB - Albany Metro Mallers
Wade Brown LB - Pittsburgh Colts
Allan Barratone LB/WR - Tri City Thunder
Rob Petty MLB - DC Explosion
Gabe Washington MLB/OLB - Bridge City Knights
Brad Fite MLB/P - Bridge City Knights
Dustin Kaisand NG - Bridge City Knights
OC West OL/G - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Danny Dresselhouse QB - Capital City Stealth
Aaron James QB - Traverse City Wolves
Fidel Napier RB - South Jersey Lynx
Eric James RB - Michigan Vikings
James Cannon Boyd RB - Michigan Vikings
Sylvester Cooperwood RB - Albany Metro Mallers
Ed Garnes RB - DC Explosion
Rick Tully SB/SS - Bridge City Knights
Justin Duncan WR - Virginia Steelers
Omar Issac WR - Dubuque Bruisers
Tyrone Gordon WR - Michigan Vikings
Adrien Harris WR - Capital City Stealth
Keith Nesbit WR - DC Explosion
Jason Rago WR - Finger Lakes Impact
John Morris WR/S - Tri City Thunder
Culture Branch WR - Albany Metro Mallers
Vince Marietta K - Indianapolis Tornadoes
James Chaplin FB - Syracuse Shock
Baby "D" Shaw  DL - Syracuse Shock
Jason Quinn O - Glove Cities Colonials
Terry Moore DB - Indianapolis Tornadoes

*** Honorable Mention ***
Bryan Teed OL - Finger Lakes Impact
Chance Garner QB - Michigan Vikings
DJ Jones RB - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Zorry Williams RB - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Derek Adams RB/FB - Albany Metro Mallers
Aaron Gisler RB/LB - Tri City Thunder
Eddie Blackmon WR - Dubuque Bruisers
Damont Jackson WR - Virginia Steelers
Danny Lentz WR - Michigan Vikings
Ricky Clarke WR - Tri City Thunder
Corey Blair QB/WR - Tri City Thunder
Osman Sokolovic - Tri City Thunder
Tyrell Jackson CB/FS - Virginia Steelers
Galan Moore CB/S - Southern Tier Warriors
Scot Sinsabaugh CB/S - Southern Tier Warriors
Richard St. Firman DB - Bridge City Knights
Brandon Carter DE - Pittsburgh Colts
David Payne DE/OLB - Southern Tier Warriors
Rasheed Snow DE/S - Southern Tier Warriors
Semal Crawford G - DC Explosion
Shaw Echelberry LB - Bridge City Knights
Frank Mills LB - Virginia Steelers
Lee Hewitt LB/DE - Southern Tier Warriors
Shawn Hendricks LG - Traverse City Wolves
Corey Hill LT - Traverse City Wolves
Jerry Smith OL - Bridge City Knights
Jimmy Summers OL - Bridge City Knights
Justin March OL - Capital City Stealth
Leif Rothoff OL - Capital City Stealth
Nasir Lewis OL/G - South Jersey Lynx
Emmanuel Ogunyele OL/T - South Jersey Lynx
Wes Stanley OT - DC Explosion
Josh Cole OT/C - Southern Tier Warriors
Kinta Carter OT/DT - Virginia Steelers
Jessie Higgins QB - Finger Lakes Impact
Danny Giannone QB/WR - Southern Tier Warriors
Richard Payne RB/KR - Southern Tier Warriors
Tucker Barstow RB/QB - Virginia Steelers
Jeff Rodriguez RB/TE - Southern Tier Warriors
Alex Simmons SS/C - Pittsburgh Colts
Sean Banks SS/LB - Virginia Steelers
Aaron Straight T - Glens Falls Greenjackets
Paul Jones WR - Bridge City Knights
Josh Tomaszewski WR - Traverse City Wolves
Sherman Thomas WR/CB - Virginia Steelers
Joe Baker RB - Syracuse Shock
Nick Layou TE - Syracuse Shock
Ty Gage WR - Syracuse Shock
E.J. Maeweather LB - Syracuse Shock
T. Morgan LB - Syracuse Shock
Justin Galletta LB - Syracuse Shock
Dison Reynolds D - Glove Cities Colonials
David Jenkins D - Glove Cities Colonials
Joe Halse D - Glove Cities Colonials
John Howland D - Glove Cities Colonials
Brandon Insognia D - Glove Cities Colonials
Jason Quinn O - Glove Cities Colonials
Andres Morris O - Glove Cities Colonials
Brian Baldwin O - Glove Cities Colonials
Jamie Longmire LB - Albany Metro Mallers
Carson Johnson DB - Albany Metro Mallers
Tony Pryor LB - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Luther Baker DB - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Terry Moore DB - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Tony West RB - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Kevin Jackson WR - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Brandon Williams WR - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Glenn Ayro WR - Indianapolis Tornadoes
Eric Brim OL - Indianapolis Tornadoes

*** Coaches ***
Robert Lee - Southern Tier Warriors
David Turner - Hampton Roads Hurricanes
Jeff Teed - Finger Lakes Impact
Mark Hauder - Dubuque Bruisers
Brad Haney - Traverse City Wolves
American Conference All-Stars
*** 1st Team ***
Mitchell Brock C - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Jason Castro C - Central Texas Outlaws
Dominique Caples CB - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Robbie Lisle CB - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Jay Zimmerman CB - Bellingham Bulldogs
Art Sanchez CB - Bellingham Bulldogs
Kenya Smith CB/ST - Austin Vipers
Kemario Newton DB - Central Texas Outlaws
Cory Perez DB - Central Texas Outlaws
Pete Myers DB/ST - Austin Vipers
Ruben Jones DE - Southern Oregon Renegades
Francis Sesepasara DE - Southern Oregon Renegades
Joel Brown DE - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Chase Cantrelle DE - Bellingham Bulldogs
Jeff Ottele DE/K - Kitsap County Bears
Mark Nomura DL - Austin Vipers
Gary Ristick DL - Kitsap County Bears
Jake Tanner DL - Bellingham Bulldogs
Leon Bell DL/FB - Austin Vipers
James Strickland DT - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Daniel Nichols DT - Central Texas Outlaws
Chris Raffelson DT - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Brandon Childress DT/DE - Central Texas Outlaws
Dave Michaelis FB - Kitsap County Bears
Robbie Chicano FB - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Matt Rollins FS - Austin Vipers
Robert Black FS/SS - Central Texas Outlaws
DevRon Thomas FS/SS - Central Texas Outlaws
Jerry Michalsky K - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Sean Foster K - Bellingham Bulldogs
Mike Rose K/P - Austin Vipers
Joshua Fields LB - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Ramon Thibodeaux LB - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
David Virgin LB - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Willie Brown LB - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Cody Bailey LB - Austin Vipers
Marcus Payne LB - Central Texas Outlaws
Anthony Hooper LB/CB - Rocky Mountain Renegades
Aaron Zepp MLB - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Steve Faoro MLB - Bellingham Bulldogs
Don Purser QB - Kitsap County Bears
Alex Todak QB - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Mark Simmons QB - Bellingham Bulldogs
Eric Haywood QB - Central Texas Outlaws
Malik Edwards RB - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Keith Clay RB - Austin Vipers
EJ Ash RB - Kitsap County Bears
Jeff Gates RB - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Brett Hall RB - Bellingham Bulldogs
Ruben Sanchez RG/LG - Central Texas Outlaws
Johnny Daniels S - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Jason Lewis SS - Austin Vipers
Fred Acorn TE - Austin Vipers
Raymond Bell WR - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Michael Buckner WR - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Andrew Turner WR - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Adam Gouldie WR - Austin Vipers
Eric Tennison WR - Central Texas Outlaws
Mike Bush WR - Kitsap County Bears
Jackie Thomas WR - Kitsap County Bears
Jeremy Walker WR - Grays Harbor Bearcats

*** 2nd Team ***
James Snyder DB - Southern Oregon Renegades
Drew Jenkins DB - Kitsap County Bears
Rylan Ancog FS - Southern Oregon Renegades
Jason McGregor K/P - Southern Oregon Renegades
Daniel Welcome LB - Southern Oregon Renegades
Devin Allen LB - Rocky Mountain Renegades
Greg Parribello MLB - Kitsap County Bears
Rockne DeMello OL - Southern Oregon Renegades
Donnie Orton OL - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Dusty Sturgeon OL - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Jeff Michaelis OLB - Kitsap County Bears
Alvin Thornton RB - Southern Oregon Renegades
Antoine Williams TE - Southern Oregon Renegades

*** Coaches ***
Todd Hoiness - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Paul Christianson - Grays Harbor Bearcats
Phil Smith - Bellingham Bulldogs
Dan Possa - Bellingham Bulldogs
Chris Johnson - Central Texas Outlaw
Tommy Fresch - Central Texas Outlaws
Bruce Owdley - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Patrick Hasker - Bay Area Pearland Gamblers
Jo Altes - Austin Vipers

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