2012 New England Football League

*** AAA Colonial Conference ***
Northern Division
Offensive MVP: Phil Warren  Southern Maine Raging Bulls
Defensive MVP: Malcolm Wynn  Lowell Nor'easter
Coach Staff: Southern Maine Raging Bulls

Eastern Division
Offensive MVP: Darryl Hodge  Boston Bandits
Defensive MVP: Greg Dominique  Boston Bandits
Coach Staff: North Shore Generals

Western Division
Offensive MVP: Shawn Brady  Western Mass Warriors
Defensive MVP: Andrew Pratt  Connecticut Panthers
Coach Staff: Western Mass Warriors

Southern Division
Offensive MVP: Lionell Assie  Western Connecticut Militia
Defensive MVP: David Reese  Connecticut Bearcats
Coach Staff: Fairfield County Ravens

*** AA North Atlantic Conference ***
North Division
Offensive MVP: Will Early  Southern New Hampshire Beavers
Defensive MVP: Chris Wells  Southern New Hampshire Beavers
Coach Staff: Southern New Hampshire Beavers

South Division
Offensive MVP: Marc Ayotte  Green Valley Blackhawks
Defensive MVP: Greg Peschal  Southern New England Rage
Coach Staff: Southern New England Rage

*** A Maritime Conference ***
North Division
Offensive MVP: Luke Martin  Notre Dame Cobras
Defensive MVP: Brandon Lauletta - Gardner Sabercats
Coach Staff: Northeastern Bulldogs

South Division
Offensive MVP: James Hamilton  Cape Cod Seadogs
Defensive MVP: Josh Lewis  East Coast Ducks
Coach Staff: Cape Cod Seadogs

*** Additional Awards ***
Organizations of the Year:
AAA: Western Connecticut Militia
AA:  South Shore Outlaws
A:   Cape Cod Seadogs

Executives of the Year:
BOD:  Anthony Morgante
AAA: Bernie Armstrong - Connecticut Bearcats
AA:  Tyghe Stratton - Southern Vermont Storm
A:   Anthony Medeiros - Pioneer Valley Knights

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